When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that I could be whoever I wanted to be, doing whatever I wanted to do. That’s what all good parents say to their children but my mom, she really meant it. She supported me all the way through my crazy choices, even when I left my anthropology career to study Visual Communication.

I’ve never been keen on explaining feelings or anything else just using words…I needed something else, something extremely visual. I used to draw, and I draw a lot but still something was missing to my own way to communicate to people.

I started my Visual Communication studies at 21, and fell in love with photography and video making, I finally found out how to express myself. That was the greatest joy I’ve ever had, believe me !

I took the degree in 2012 with a Thesis about the power of Photography in telling stories about illnesses. I worked with a group of 8 women affected with Fibromyalgia and told their stories through photography. It was as hard as amazingly useful, for me and for them.

Since than I’ve never stop wondering how I could actually help people who suffer to find I way to express their feelings, their pain, their grief or their desire to get out the tunnel of sorrow. Wait, that was I did with myself all my life long !

In 2013 in collaboration with a psychologist, I started Art-Therapy laboratories using different tecniques including, and actually mostly, Photo Therapy tecniques.

We’re having extremely good feedbacks from our groups and every time to me, it’s a new confirmation that this is the best job in the world.

If you want any further information you can write me anytime.