Milan is the most european city in Italy, it’s full of things to do, the services are great and even the public transportation works pretty well. At last, I can totally say that it would be my first choice city where to live and work as a young professional, but, at the same time, it still has its limits.

Milan it’s far from the sea and the beautiful lakes closed to it are almost unreachable in the weekend due to the huge traffic on the streets and highways.

Last week I read an article about some beautiful beaches you can easily reach from Milan in just an hour drive. At first I immediately thought about Lago di Como or Lago Maggiore and it’s been a big surprise to see that the articles was actually about some river beaches in the heart of Val Trebbia.


It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes by car to get there and the hardest part was to find the places mentioned in the article. We decided to leave the car in a random place on the street and follow a tiny pathway that could eventually lead us to the beach down to the valley.

As soon as we arrived down enough to see the color of the river, we look at each other and almost could not believe that that place could actually exist.


We left Milan at 11.30 am and by the time of lunch we were lying in the sun in this stunning and peaceful natural oasis.





The Trebbia river has one of the cleanest water in Italy and all the mountains that surround it create a beautiful canyon you can appreciate the view from up the street, or even better, as I will talk about later, from the enchanted little town of Brugnello.

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The water temperature was about 18 C° and of course we could not resist taking a bath in that green, amazing water.



After a couple of hours of relax and sun bathing we decided to reach the little town of Brugnello, located on the top of the mountain behind us.

I read about a beautiful viewpoint in that town and the curiosity was getting higher even because Brugnello is a medieval village inhabited by only 11 people.

Yes, right, I said, ELEVEN.




In the tiny village there are just a few houses, a church and a restaurant & guest house for tourists.

All the houses in the village are entirely made of stones and some of them are even built inside the rock itself. They’re all renewed and beautifully restored, each building has carved wood shutters. The alleys are decorated with stones to form floral motifs.

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With recovered stones are also made chairs and benches scattered around the gardens.

I literally fell in love with this tiny little old village and I promised myself to come back again with Roberto and maybe a few other friends to enjoy the place and a good dinner at the local restaurant.

the light we had to take the pictures from the viewpoint was far away from a good one to shoot but I hope it can make the idea.




At the end, if you want to really enjoy a city break from Milan, you should totally consider visit Val Trebbia without missing a visit to Brugnello as well.

Oh, and if you want to make your day trip special, stay for dinner at Rocca Rosa, the owner are awesome and if there’s no too many people they can tell you something about the story of Brugnello. The restaurant offers some traditional local and seasonal recipes that you should definitely have to try. And well, if you want to know something more about the place and the restaurant itself, take a look at their website, you will see with your own eyes what I’m talking about !

Hope you liked this “escape from the city” post and let me know if you any question or suggestions for our next daytrip ! : )



PS: our day ended like this ❤

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