I’ve been in Matera a few times now and I still can’t get enough of it.

This summer I went there just for a few days and, because of my NEED to lay in the sun, we spent a couple of afternoons  with no camera at the beach in Policoro.

Despite of this couple of days doing absolutely nothing but tanning, we ended up doing lots of things and excursions anyway.


Of course, the best place of all it’s a city area called Sassi ( italian word meaning Rocks that defines this old city area ).

I find it very hard to talk about Matera, there is such a crazy amount of things to say about it that I should write an entire book to you to not miss anything special. It seems to me that everything I say sounds a little bit reductive, so, I let some photos speak for me.





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You’ve just seen just a super little part of the Sassi, maybe just one of the hundreds corners you would pass through. So guys, that’s absolutely nothing compared to the whole area that you definitely SHOULD visit at least once in a lifetime.

Another one of my favorite places in Matera is the Belvedere, a huge wild place located on the other side of the canyon and where you can have the best and most suggestive view of the city.

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

( I will post more pictures as soon as I’ll find my forsaken hard disk ! )

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Because of the quantity of things to say about this enchanting city and my little time ( but mainly because of my poor english writing skills ), I’ll link you a video about the history of Matera (in english !) and if you’re italian, well, you’ll find plenty of informations on the same website where I took the link from ( Comune di Matera ).

Here’s the Link Matera’s History .

The next couple of photos are take in San Nicola all’ Ofra, a pretty uncommon place to see even for people who come to Matera with a guided tour.



These are ancient caves and crypts builded on and inside a rock. On the entire territory is full of these kind of rock churches and I don’t know exactly how old they are but this one in particular has on the inside a fresco dated around the XIII/XIV century.

It’s not that easy to reach these places if you’re not guided by someone who know them and can drive you close to them but if you’re lucky enough to know someone who actually can take you there, don’t miss the chance ! It totally worth it !

let’s move on or this blog post will consume us ( especially me ).

We’ve been to another wonderful place this summer, a little bit far from the city but having a car it’s pretty easy to reach anyway.




This is Monteserico Castle. I don’t exaggerate when I say that this place is stuck in the middle of nothing. Literally. Nothing.

You’ll drive through empty big streets and through empty tiny rocky streets to get there but you certainly will have a good time staring at the landscapes outside the car window. I cannot express my love for these kind of empty wild places. It’s such an incredible feeling the one you have when alone on huge areas like that.


So, we went to the Monteserico Castle because of its terrace view, are you ready?


Dadaaaaaan !!!

Nothing, completely nothing but golden fields.


But, as I said before this kind of emptiness is totally my kind of thing so we took advantage of the situation and shoot some photos in these amazing wild and open spaces, here are some photos of the daytrip.









Wow guys, that was a great day for my landscapes beauty standards !

The experiences we’ve done are rad and loads but I have not so many picture of them, I have some video clips tough so maybe I will upload a travel video in the next days.

We’ve got to the end of this messy post and I guarantee you that I will organize my blog posts a little better in the future so please be kind if I’m still a mess at the moment.

I want to end this up, leaving you with the Sassi’s view by night hoping that you enjoyed this little story of my 4 days trip to Matera.

Thank you and…




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